Delta College Scholarships

The Port City Patriots are pleased to offer scholarships to veterans, children and grandchildren of veterans at Delta College.

 Search for the Port City Patriots (Dr. Joseph Acosta, Warren H. Atherton, Walter K. Banks, Harvey E. Scudder and General Brautigan) scholarship.  The dollar amount of the scholarship is based on the number of applicants approved, but generally runs between $500 – $1,000 per student.

Please click the button below to visit the Delta College website.

University of the Pacific

The Holly Hartman Veteran Endowed Scholarship was established with the University of the Pacific in memory of our amazing Board member, Holly Hartman who lost her life to cancer in April, 2022.

Holly was a shaker and a mover on our Board – never satisfied with the status quo, she was always creatively looking for ways to improve our organization.  In the short time she served on our Board, she contributed her all in behind the scenes ways.  She wasn’t a veteran, but she certainly was a soldier in the ranks of always doing the right thing and full of integrity.  Her memory will live on through the qualified students at Pacific who will be honored with scholarship awards beginning in 2026 when the endowment has matured. 

In the interim, if you are a Pacific veteran student in need, please contact Stan Rapada, Director Military and Veteran Center by clicking the email link below.